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Sunday, January 09, 2005

One Last Try
Well, kids, it's pretty much here. After a fun old new years and a brief sickness, School is back. For the last time. Last semester. Wow. So here are my resolutions for the school year and 2005 as a whole:
1) Be happy with my body
2) Finish School
3) Live up to my potential (grade-wise and in general)
4) Find a job that I like
5) Reconnect w/ my family
6) Keep my friends
7) Be more assertive
8) Control my drinking
9) Do something for the soul (not sure if that means religion or facials)
10) Be nicer
11) Live without regrets
12) Have fun!

Bring it on 2005!!!!!

Thursday, December 30, 2004

2004 WRAPUP!
So, the first semester of my senior year is over and my grades, after a crazy up and down ride, wound up being equal with my previous cum GPA, so there was no change. Unfortunately, due to the fact that football players are rapists and we party too much, I will not meet the nazi-esque new 3.75 dean's list reqs. So when I apply to grad school, I'll have to leave this semester out. Why? Because of one particular bitch moster who haunts my nightmares (literally).
Good riddance to that bad rubbish.
I also had a fan-freakin tastic Christmas! I was all worried about seeing my family again, but it was just like old times: lots of laughing and hugs and presents! No one even said anything homophobic!
Finally, I'm ready to wrap up this year and start a brand new fresh one. This year saw dreams die and hopes blossom. It saw no great romance, some flings, and the true love of friends and family. This year, I think I took a large step to becoming a man. And I am now determined to make these next fews months until graduation the beginning of a brave new me.

Next time: New Year's Resolutions!

Thursday, December 09, 2004

Week from hell.... hell I tells ya!
Then monday happened. I'm putting around after my first of many project meetings and my computer dies. I spent a few hours trying to revive it, but to no avail. It's fucking dead. As a doornail. So I had to buy a new one (which I love now).
The week continues and I spend at least a few hours every night on my two projects and the paper. The end of the week finally comes and my first presentation goes well. So well, in fact, that the professor pulls my partner and I aside and gives us 100%'s and tells us it was the best presentation in her years of teaching the class. I also got my lab report back and got an A on it, so now I have a 91 in Research! Badass.
Then comes the next presentation. We do it, it goes well, takes the entire time, then the teacher gets up and reems us in front of the class. After talking to her with the group, I get pissed off and nearly cry and write her one of the best emails that totally says I'm pissed at you, but in a nice way. Anyway, I wound up getting a C on the presentation in a class that I was once brilliant in. Booooooo.
Luckily school's pretty much over, finals are decent, and my new comp if fabulous. I'll write something at the end of finals.

Saturday, November 27, 2004

Sexless in the City, Part II: Thanksgiving weekend
As the week wrapped up and the classes emptied out, I was ready to celebrate my first Thanksgiving with just friends. Xav, KY and I were have a reject thankgiving, with all our favorite dishes. It was freaking awesome.
It was also my weekend to hookup. I spent the first night naked hottubbing (no sex, play, and very little visible nudity), the second night I got stood up, and the third night I decided not to do anything.
Other than that, it was a pretty good weekend with two whole seasons of sex in the city. And who can complain about that.

Sunday, November 21, 2004

A little o' this, a little o' that
So another week has gone by and some more good grades have been accumulated. I'm a little disappointed with some of my classes (for instance, my research class where I get A's on the tests and B-'s on labwork), but overall, I'm ready for this, my last semester of actual classes, to be fucking over.
I also started and finished my job as a telemarketer without calling a single person. I may be poor, but I still have my dignity. At least in the job realm. Sorta.
But onto the fun part of the week. There was a big drag show and I got pleasantly plastered. I got to go on stage for wearing my Pushy Bottom T. It was fan-freaking-tastic. It was so much fun. I'm totally going back to the frat next spring. Yep, another impulse decision.
So now for the editorial section. I was watching Will & Grace and they were applauding Jack for being who he was. A lot of guys within the gay community (a large portion are closets) say they don't like flamboyantly gay guys. Of course there is a limit. There is a definite difference between being out and proud and letting your flame burn bright and being overly dramatic, bitchy, and giving homos a bad name. But when a gay man wants to use his hands, talk like he wants, and dress how he wants to dress, he's showing more balls than you people who hide behind straight stereotypes and call it "masculine". I've walked into completely straight clubs and danced with my guy friends, and that makes me more girly? You like dick, and whether you like sports or pretend to, it's not going to make you any less gay (or gay side of bi). So you have your sports shows, beer, and flannel and let the rest of us dance well, drink martinis, and wear revealing clothing without commentary from you. Don't we get enough of that from straight assholes? If you more masculine guys don't want to sleep with more fem guys, that's cool, but it shouldn't prevent us all from getting along. And how gay is that?

Monday, November 15, 2004

I am unstoppable!
So nothing to exciting has happened since my last update, except I'm less pissed off. Tonight I benched my weight again for the first time since freshman year, so that's cool. I also got to see one of the missing Manhunt episodes, so yay! for that. Other than that, I have tons of tests, so I should probably study for them. Wish me luck, kiddos!

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Fuck you if you are WOMEN, GAY, INTELLIGENT, MINORITIES, PRO-CHOICE, COLLEGE EDUCATED, MILITARY, WORKING CLASS, ELDERLY, OPPOSE SWEATSHOPS, or LOVE ANYONE in the above if you didn't vote with the people that supports us.

Congratulations if you are IGNORANT, for your bliss will hold for four more years. Congratulations if you HATE OUR TROOPS, they will continue to be slaughtered.
Congratulations if you HATE GAYS, you can still hide your black heart behind a Loving GOD.
Congratulations if you HATE MINORITIES, the coloreds are still below your feet.
Congratulations if you voted republican, cause the ignorant, bigoted, narrow-minded, hypocritical, corrupt, racist, sexist, classist, coercive, oppressive, intolerant, ass-backward, hurtful, bellicose America that you call home is safe and sound.

The land of the oppressed minorities and the home of those who are too scared to hate Iraqis, African Americans, Asians, Latinos, Women, and Homosexuals to their faces.